Joining the Fujifilm Family (and X-Mount Lens Comparison Chart)

Fujifilm X-T1

Fujifilm X-T1 – Photo by Kurt Bauschardt

I would never replace my 5D Mark III, but It’s way too bulky to carry around as an every day camera. I’ve been looking around at various cameras and can’t bring myself to drop down to a point and shoot, so I’ve turned my head towards mirrorless cameras.

I absolutely love the look of the Fujifilm cameras, and from what I’ve heard from both amateurs and professionals, they deliver. So I’m currently considering the X-T1, but I am struggling to determine which lenses I want. Based on cost, size and review I’m thinking of the following:

XF18-55 f/2.8-4.0 R LM OIS

Sure, it’s a kit lens, but with a wide aperture, and only 1 stop between each end, this should make for an excellent all-purpose lens. Reviewers state that with the OIS, this lens comes close to (and in some ways) surpasses the XF16-55 f/2.8 lens, and is also about half the cost. I’ve also seen this lens included as a kit with the body and the 55-200mm 3.5-4.8 R LM OIS lens, and for a really good price considering what you get.

XF27mm f/2.8

They call it “The Pancake” (probably to Fuji’s dismay) because of its small size. If I want a super-compact lens, this one is fairly inexpensive and features a 35mm equivalent focal length of about 40mm.

XF16mm f/1.4 R WR

Starting at the 35mm equivalent of a 24mm lens, the XF16 is sharp at all apertures and claims less distortion than the 14mm f/2.8 R, which I’ve gone back and forth over.

XF56mm f/1.2 R

There’s two great portrait lenses in Fuli’s lineup and while the APD model is supposed to be a bit better, it’s $1400 price tag brings me back to this one which costs substantially less.

I’ve put together a Google Spreadsheet so I could compare, sort and analyze the details of the lens lineup and I’ve made it available here. Feel free to offer your own opinions or suggestions as it’s going to be a few months before I am ready to invest in a new system.


Updated 2/26/16 – Added the new XF 100-400 f/4-5.6 to the spreadsheet and included pricing as of 2/26/2016. Looks like all the lenses have come down in price since I posted the original spreadsheet.