What do you listen to?

I would say that most of my ideas, inspiration, and information comes from networking, practicing and from driving. It’s during my commute that I pair my phone to my stereo and take in photography news, tips, interviews and discussions. I’ll keep this post updated with the podcasts I listen to regularly. Feel free to comment below with other photography podcasts you enjoy.

Portrait Session on the Improve Photography Podcast Network

Portrait Session on the Improve Photography Podcast Network

Improve Photography link

This is a group of audio and video podcasts, along with blogs, articles, and even resources such as legal forms and lessons. Aside from being a great online resource for photographers, they feature the following weekly podcasts:

  • ImprovePhotography Podcast
  • Photo Taco – Twice-weekly “bites” of photography tips. Each show covers one specific aspect of photography.
  • Portrait Session – Podcast for portrait and people photographers.
  • Tripod – All about nature photography.

This Week In Photo link

This series originated under the TWIT (This Week in Tech) umbrella, but has branched off into an invaluable resource of podcasts for photographers.

  • This Week in Photo – Weekly podcast of all things photography.
  • Street Focus – Street and Urban Photography
  • All About the Gear – Cure (or cause) for G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) [Thanks Cristina!]
  • TWIP Family – Family and Children Photography
  • TWIP Weddings – Wedding Photography
  • The Fix – Photoshop, Lightroom and Post-Processing
  • TWIP Talks – Interviews and conversations with photography professionals
  • Your Itinerary – Tips and tricks for the traveling photographer

FroKnowsPhoto link

Jared Polan’s RAWTalk (Video and Audio) podcast is more light hearted and fun than other podcasts. He and his crew discuss current photography news while adding in their humor and sharing their insight into the photography business. Jared offers several photography guides, plenty of swag and merchandise, and several informative videos with tips and insight.